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Happy 'Valumtimes' Day!
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, February 15, 2011
After a super charged 2 day school trip to D.C., Kat was back home on Friday and the rest of the weekend (ok, most of it!) was spent preparing for Valentine’s Day at school.
There is a rule in school (for both Kit and Kat) that you are not obliged to give out valentines but if you do decide to, then you have to give one each to the entire class – Kat was not very happy with this as at the age of 11 you don’t really want to write out valentines to boys unless you really want to! But since her friends were going to hand them out anyway, she felt she must do so too...however the main argument was not that, it was over the type of valentines – Kat wanted to buy them but she did not want to spend her own money – how cheeky is that? Imagine getting pocket money every week and then asking us to spend money for her friends’ valentines??
It sounded hugely ridiculous and when she did shed a few tears over it and still nothing happened (which surprised her too) – she came up with a plan (finally!) – Lets do it in-house – YAY!!

All the commotion got Kit interested in the whole thing (she had no clue about it before this) – she was ecstatic that Mummy was going to do a project with her now…Kat always has an endless supply of coloured papers and pencils – she is our stationery cupboard. We made some cute little coloured heart shaped valentines for Kit’s class and Kit got so tired of writing that she could do only 5 at a did take a while to finish the 20 cards!Heart Cards
Kat did her 27 pink hearts on red coloured paper with different messages for girls, boys and teachers (some patience she has!)

Then we had another BIG problem. Kat’s school had allowed candy to school on Valentine’s Day but Kit was not allowed. Kit made me promise that I would not allow Kat any candy and it broke my heart when I taped a Sour patch to each of Kat’s Valentine when Kit went to bed. (Things you have to do for peace at home!)

On Feb 14th, Kit and Kat got up excitedly and got ready for school – Kit was bubbling with excitement and wishing Happy Valumtimes Day to one and all. She even handed cards to Kat’s Bus Matron and lady Driver. It got her all ready for the day…this is the first time she has been so excited about Valentine’s Day...maybe next year she can even learn to pronounce it correctly!

Snowwhite 3D Sun Catcher Kit Kit Kat came back home with loads of Valentines from school (Kat even came back with chocolates which Kit does not know about), they both got a 3-D Sun Catcher painting kit from us and I got a surprise flowers delivery from them all!! Tinkerbell3D Sun Catcher Kit

It’s all about love...Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Hope you all had a wonderful Day!

Yummy Food, Big Names, Little People!
Posted By SLK on Friday, December 10, 2010
Kit is the official taster in her class. Teachers rely on her to encourage other children in her group to try new foods. Once at the table, she will volunteer to try all new foods, be it asparagus, hummus or a varied version of cauliflower! Her teachers tell me that other children watch her as she tastes it and announces “I like it!” – this encourages other children to at least try and of course it encourages Kit to carry on experimenting even if some days it brings out “I don’t like it. Yuck! Disgusting!”

Asparagus We all know that food always tastes nicer with friends so it does break my heart a bit when Kit comes home and says that she now loves cauliflower and I think of the endless moments spent trying to make cauliflower attractive... where did I go wrong? Never mind, at least she eats is somewhere! Same with asparagus – I got so excited when she said she loved it that I decided to steam it right the next day...Kat was eager to try it too. I order groceries online so sometimes portions are a surprise – I didn’t realise a bunch could have that many stems! Anyhow, determined to steam that, I served it all up and they did look pretty in their beautiful green glory but I guess the portion size scared the two girls!!

One look and Kit said: “I just tried one in class and I loved it – I can’t eat so much!!” My heart sank.

Now it was Kat’s turn: “Can I just try one first?” She did and she gave me that sideways secret look (the one she uses to show her dislike when Kit is eating). I died.

Will try another time – I promise!

It is wonderful to see Kit come home excitedly with a sticker that says – I tried a new food today and I loved it! Other days I need to jog her memory to remind her what she ate for lunch and she will describe a new food to me: “we ate something white sauce with carrots” so I know it is ranch dressing – FUN game!

Cantaloupe or Antelope? Yesterday was classic. She was sitting on the potty when she called me “Mummy I tried something new for lunch today.” All smiles for me!

Me: “Really? How wonderful! What was it?”

Kit: “Something yellow orange, very sweet. I know – I ate antelope today!”

Me: “Antelope? That’s an animal. Did you eat cantaloupe?”

Kit: “I think so it was antelope” At this point she looks very serious and nods her head. She is convinced she ate one!

After much fruit recognition (it’s not easy to convince Kit) she is content to note that she ate cantaloupe. To change the subject I casually look at her lunch menu and say “Tomorrow you will eat chicken wings”.

Kit immediately gets up from the potty – “Why? Why are we eating chicken wings?”


Half Blood
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Of course our house is magical! We have elves watching with cameras during the day; we have Gruffalo waiting outside the door listening to bad children; there are little fairies who tidy up the room at night when good children go to sleep and leave money under the pillow; you grow witch feet if you don’t wear slippers; important objects appear and disappear almost instantly etc. BUT nothing prepared me for the question Kat asked me last night as I tucked her in bed...

Kat has this new love of listening to some audio book (current favourite being The Lightning Thief) – so as I was setting it up, adjusting the volume and generally fussing around, she looked at me and said: “Mummy, am I a half blood?”

Me (all I can see right now is Harry Potter smiling at me!): “What do you mean? Why do you ask?”

Kat: “No I was just wondering if I was part magical, maybe some Greek God or someone? I haven’t seen many pictures of my birth but Kit has so many. I’m so different from her.”

Me (thinking wizard is not so good but Greek God does not sound like a bad idea!): “Do you really think you belong to someone else Kat?”

Then she gives me that Kat smile from ear to ear and I tell her if I should send Papa to convince her whose child she is. (Papa is called the licky monster when he is in his kissing mode!) Kat giggles to sleep and I am left wondering if I should simply go to bed with my Greek God NOW!

iTunes on fire!
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 30, 2010
Kat is now totally hooked to her iPod when we go out for long drives – this Apple wonder has been lying around uselessly for the last 3 yrs but has only just been rediscovered here at our house! She is also now beginning to understand iTunes, how to sync songs etc and is generally becoming more computer savvy – as opposed to letting Papa be the computer geek every time.

So yesterday when Kat when to the library, she very excitedly came back with an audio book The Lightning Thief and decided to play it on her computer while sketching. Unfortunately I wasn’t home so excerpts of my conversation with her when she called me on my cell in panic:

Kat: “Mummy, when I put the audio book CD in, it comes up with an error message!”

Me (thinking it has something to do with the Dell guy who tinkered with the system the day before): “Just press Cancel if it asks you to do anything. Wait for me.”

Kat (really panicking now): “But it has no Cancel. Only OK button”

Me (hating putting you in the corner situations like this): “Right. Just read the error message to me”

Kat: “It says it’s trying to open iTunes and some files for CD burning software are missing from registry.”

Me (phew! Not that bad): “Just OK it and see”

Kat: “Yes it works! Thanks mummy and…”

Me: “Yes? Quick. Hurry”

Kat (whispering in the phone): “Its not going to burn iTunes, is it?”

Me: “What?” (Then finally realising that children take words for their literal meaning so very easily) “Burn means to copy. No, nothing will burn” (hopefully!)

Kat was relieved then and I came back home to find her glued to the desk happily sketching with the unscathed iTunes playing the CD in the background…

Lightning Thief & the Pink Desktop

Lego comes of age
Posted By SLK on Sunday, July 25, 2010
While doing Lego, I ask Kit to search for a certain piece. I show her what we need to create the tree in a different colour so she knows what she’s looking for. When we do Lego we talk in numbers like “I need a 4 in this or 6 in this” referring to the characteristic dots on the piece.

To demonstrate that she has understood, Kit says “You mean you need the same age?” I think she was referring to the length! Never mind I got the message, she added a new word (length) to her vocabulary (and used it million times after that!) and we ended up with a brilliant Lego house and tree…

Our Lego house and tree