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The Unnecessary Lie
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, March 09, 2011   { 2 Comment(s) }
Not sure why but whenever the girls have a day off from school I feel a wee bit relaxed. I still have the alarm set for 6am, I still make tea for both of us (me and Papa) as usual and I still stagger my way through the morning routine as usual and of course, Kit wakes up early (even earlier on non-school days!) but for some bizarre reason, my mind is psyched to believe that I am not stressed because there is no SCHOOL!

Kit is generally very excited about dropping Kat off in the morning and I cannot remember a day since Kit started school last year when it was the other way that makes TODAY a very special day indeed...Kat had a Conference Day in school so she was overjoyed with her day off while Kit had normal school (they FINALLY realised they had given too many snow days away!)

Kit is very perceptive – we couldn't just tell her that Kat was staying home (I mean, which sibling can bear to see the other one stay home with mummy?) so we made a little plan – we told Kit that Kat’s school teacher was running a little late so her bus was late, blah, blah... and hence, Kat would drop her first (clever!!).
Kit was super excited and I felt a little guilty about making up this story but I did think it would do more good than harm, so I guess mums are allowed to do this, right?

We were all in good spirits, all was going fine and we were waiting for Kit’s bus when the doorman asked Kat why she didn’t go to school (as part of general chit chat) and I boldly answered for her: “She has a holiday at school” (I should learn to keep my mouth shut!!!)

What did I do?Kit looked at me and then at Kat. Kat looked at me as if she couldn’t believe how dumb I was! (That I told you so look when your kids get older and start to think mums have lost it and today I did think I had!)

Was it that pressure of ending the conversation quickly that made the truth come out or was it the pressure of getting Kit to school or was it just the rush in general or just plain craziness? Whatever it was, I was not prepared for that look in Kit’s eyes.
Of course, I’m a mum and I quickly picked myself up from where I had stumbled (too low in my eyes I think!) and started the story about how Kat’s teacher was too late and now they might give a day off and so on...don’t think Kit believed me – she just kept quiet. I even gave her my cell phone to play with (a really special treat)

Finally, the bus came and Kit was on her way to it. She looked back and said to Kat –“You’re staying home with mummy today, aren’t you?”

I looked at Kit – “Maybe but remember I love you.” (Too tired to lie anymore. Could even feel a migraine coming on now...)

All is fine Kit (instantly): “more than Kat?”

“You do, don’t you? I know you do”

And she was off on the bus, sitting contentedly by the window, blowing kisses to both Kat and me, happy in the belief that I love her more than Kat...such innocence...such a carefree I wish I was 4 years old!
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Happy 'Valumtimes' Day!
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, February 15, 2011   { 2 Comment(s) }
After a super charged 2 day school trip to D.C., Kat was back home on Friday and the rest of the weekend (ok, most of it!) was spent preparing for Valentine’s Day at school.
There is a rule in school (for both Kit and Kat) that you are not obliged to give out valentines but if you do decide to, then you have to give one each to the entire class – Kat was not very happy with this as at the age of 11 you don’t really want to write out valentines to boys unless you really want to! But since her friends were going to hand them out anyway, she felt she must do so too...however the main argument was not that, it was over the type of valentines – Kat wanted to buy them but she did not want to spend her own money – how cheeky is that? Imagine getting pocket money every week and then asking us to spend money for her friends’ valentines??
It sounded hugely ridiculous and when she did shed a few tears over it and still nothing happened (which surprised her too) – she came up with a plan (finally!) – Lets do it in-house – YAY!!

All the commotion got Kit interested in the whole thing (she had no clue about it before this) – she was ecstatic that Mummy was going to do a project with her now…Kat always has an endless supply of coloured papers and pencils – she is our stationery cupboard. We made some cute little coloured heart shaped valentines for Kit’s class and Kit got so tired of writing that she could do only 5 at a did take a while to finish the 20 cards!Heart Cards
Kat did her 27 pink hearts on red coloured paper with different messages for girls, boys and teachers (some patience she has!)

Then we had another BIG problem. Kat’s school had allowed candy to school on Valentine’s Day but Kit was not allowed. Kit made me promise that I would not allow Kat any candy and it broke my heart when I taped a Sour patch to each of Kat’s Valentine when Kit went to bed. (Things you have to do for peace at home!)

On Feb 14th, Kit and Kat got up excitedly and got ready for school – Kit was bubbling with excitement and wishing Happy Valumtimes Day to one and all. She even handed cards to Kat’s Bus Matron and lady Driver. It got her all ready for the day…this is the first time she has been so excited about Valentine’s Day...maybe next year she can even learn to pronounce it correctly!

Snowwhite 3D Sun Catcher Kit Kit Kat came back home with loads of Valentines from school (Kat even came back with chocolates which Kit does not know about), they both got a 3-D Sun Catcher painting kit from us and I got a surprise flowers delivery from them all!! Tinkerbell3D Sun Catcher Kit

It’s all about love...Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Hope you all had a wonderful Day!
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Snow Day
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, January 12, 2011   { 0 Comment(s) }
Snow Day 8-12 inches of snow…another snow day for the girls...NO SCHOOL!! We got the automated message from school last night so I went to bed little relaxed – no early morning rush – I even put extra sheets behind Kit’s headboard to block any signs of daybreak so as to get her into thinking it was still night... Did it work? NO!!

Just when I sat down to check my emails at 6:15am (thinking I can actually drink my tea hot for a change) Kit comes into the room with a “BOO” behind me!

Me: “Already? You are awake already? This is even earlier than normal school days!”

Kit: “I am really cold...” but in fact she is so active (Oh dear)

Me: “You HAVE to go back to bed. Even Kat is sleeping. Its night time” (Alright I lied)

I go back to her room and tuck her in and come back thinking maybe that will work (eyes on the room monitor now instead of screen – what a life!)

After a few minutes I hear “Can you sleep with me?” – This has become such a problem since Kit learnt to talk perhaps? Everyone loves their children to sleep with them once in a while but you let them do it once and they want it when you don’t! I think its time for Kit to wake up now and its only 6:30am – on school days, she’s sometimes difficult to wake up at 6:45am – now we did well, didn’t we?

Last night was classic: when the school announced the closure Kit was almost asleep and I told her: “Your school is closed tomorrow”

Kit looked at me with half closed eyes, sucking thumb, pulling her ear (like she does when she is declined mine) barely able to speak: “Not Kat’s?”

Even in that half asleep state, all she cares about is if Kat is going to go to school or not??!!

Pancakes Its 8am now and since then Kit has woken up Kat prematurely, had a few bouts of crying when she refused to play with her, has generally moaned about not having any fun thing to play with...WHEN WILL THIS SNOW DAY END?

Pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup coming up...that should keep them busy for a while!
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Sunny Mismanagement
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, September 15, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
I LOVE my sunglasses – actually it’s more of a necessity for me than a fashion accessory...the day I venture out in the sun without mine I am doomed – a bright, smiling sun and hunger are triggers for a migraine that will never forgive me for days. Kat has glasses and she even got the photo chromatic ones so that she could have her sunglasses in the sun and the same ones turn normal in the shade. However, after seeing me being so much in love with mine, she has now finally got a pair of prescription sunglasses for herself. She enjoys wearing them but it’s a big hassle for me as I always end up carrying them – it’s an expensive pair (prescription sunglasses always are) and I am so worried that somewhere in the process of exchanging the normal pair with the sunglasses, she will either lose or break this one – and I feel much safer guarding them! Totally my fault – no one else to blame...

Our sunglasses Kat copies me and gets her pair and who does Kit copy? You guessed it – Kat! Kit has not one, but 2 pair of sunglasses to choose from and some days she will not leave the house if both Kat and I are wearing sunglasses and she isn’ here we are, three girls ready to face the sun with sun block, sunglasses and sun hats and guess what? the only man in our house will not wear sunglasses. He has the most jaw dropping Maui Jim sunglasses that have seen daylight only a dozen times in the last few years and are safely stashed away in the glove compartment in the car.

Anyhow, last weekend when we were checking out from Hershey’s Park (wow! what a sweet treat weekend that was…) I came back to the car and it was clear that Kat had been messing around with my handbag to search for her sunglasses.

Me (jokingly): “Looks like someone’s been messing around in my bag. I can see some mismanagement here in my bag.”

Kat ignores me. Kit on the other hand thinks that I have found something in my bag so she immediately takes her thumb out of her mouth in anticipation and says: “Can I have it please?”

Me (perplexed): “What?”

Kit: “What you found in the bag. That mis thing.”

That really gave us all a good laugh...Kit on the other hand, adjusted her sunglasses and hat and carried on sucking her thumb in the car seat totally unimpressed by our laughter (like something silly grown ups do from time to time!)
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Hurricane Weekend
Posted By SLK on Monday, September 06, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
So here we were thinking of a wonderful holiday to Cape Cod for the long weekend only to be ruined by a hurricane red alert there followed by waiting till Thursday and then last minute cancellation on Friday..So we found ourselves with 3 long days ahead with Kat complaining that we NEVER do anything interesting and that this was going to be her worst weekend ever (she tends to get melodramatic most days!) and Kit following suit after closely watching Kat’s reactions.

Papa and I did feel terrible as we were looking forward to this last break before school starts but then we don’t usually go around driving at gusty winds of 125mph and more! So couldn’t blame the girls for feeling let down but when your feelings are mirrored in your kids, it makes you feel even worse, right? Papa and I then set on the task of entertaining them over the weekend and to make it fun for them in whatever way we could.

Italian beauty Friday (the afternoon we would have left – *sob*) evening we all went to an Italian place for dinner. Kat LOVES pasta – I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it must be the first food word she learnt to say as well! As for Kit, she loves pizza when it comes to Italian but some fancy places don’t do pizza so ended up with pasta which was fine as some days she would rather be like Kat then be like Papa (he is such a Pizza person!) We had a leisurely dinner (so much so that at one time we thought the server had forgotten us!) and strolled back home – at one point, Papa kissed Kat and Kit froze in the middle of the street and said she was not going home. Eventually, she confessed that she was upset Papa had kissed Kat! The Final Jam The next 5 minutes were spent in the Kit and Papa game of “Who do you love more? Papa or Mummy or Kat?” while Kat and I walked back home – it’s so much fun to talk like an adult to Kat now. She is my big girl. Followed by the Premiere of Camp Rock II (The Final Jam) on tele, it was the end to a great Friday at home.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, if that was true our entire building is very fit and healthy now! Kit Kat went apple picking on Saturday and we picked so many apples (Gala only – family favourites) that we shared with everyone – the doormen, our neighbours, babysitter – it was a fun time we had between the hay ride, picking and the actual abundance of apples! On the way back, the car wash was a huge success and its always such a joy to watch Kit with her grin from ear to ear throughout the duration of the wash. In fact we got so carried away with the adventure that we got locked in and I had to manually let us out!
Apple picking
Kit has this fascination with Brooklyn Bridge. For the last few weeks, she has been talking about it ever so often that we finally decided to walk through it on Sunday. We’ve seen it a million times while driving but I guess walking makes all the difference. What a beauty it is – Kat got a bit tired especially when she saw Kit piggy back on Papa all the way back! Ate lunch in a roadside bistro where I fell in love with a Hibiscus drink while Kat had 2 tall glasses of a Bahama smoothie while Papa had something called Loomi. Brooklyn Bridge This trip ended with playtime in the park, climbing on rocks followed by Kat teaching Kit how to wish and throw pebbles in the water. It was such an adorable sight! The next half an hour was spent with all of us sitting there, simply throwing pebbles in the water and having a little competition...

What’s on the agenda today? Today will be Papa’s day as I need to get some things in order for school tomorrow. They will be going for a swim and to the park later. Oh yes, Kat wants a little manicure (a special treat before she starts school tomorrow) so I have to sort that one out later in the evening.

It was a nice weekend...sometimes things change for the better. I’m glad we didn’t make it to Cape Cod, hurricane or not – we spent some priceless, precious and happy moments together...
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