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Nine Months : Hospital Birth

hospital birth

What are the pros and cons of having a hospital birth?

Are there any options within hospital birth?

How do I prepare for a hospital birth?

What are the pros and cons of having a hospital birth?


* Piece of mind and security that you will be in safe hands in case of an emergency.

* Modern and sophisticated equipment in hospitals can be life-saving for both you and your baby, if need arises.

* Modern facilities allow you to monitor baby more closely.

* All forms of pain relief are available (especially epidural which needs to be administered by an anaesthetic).

* Specialists are available and hence, expert advice and help is within reach.

* You get a chance to relax away from home.

* You get to meet other mothers and if you're lucky, you may meet friends from your antenatal classes (if they're in the hospital at the same time as you).


* You may feel a stranger in the hospital environment and may find the whole atmosphere a bit daunting.

* You will be unable to associate with one single doctor or midwife as everytime you visit the hospital

* You will be seen by different professionals available at that time.

* Sleep does not come easily in the maternity unit. Infact, it is a good idea to pack ear plugs in your hospital bag!

Are there any options within hospital birth?

You have the right to change your mind anytime during your pregnancy but it is in your interest to take a firm decision and stick to it from the very start. This will help you prepare yourself for the delivery.

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