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Nine Months : Safe and Unsafe Exercises



If you must, low impact aerobics are a better alternative to high impact aerobics. If you are attending antenatal or parentcraft classes, you would be told about gentle aerobic and stretching exercises which will be beneficial for you throughout pregnancy. If you were doing aerobic classes before you became pregnant, you must now tell your instructor that you are pregnant so that your exercise routine can be modified. Remember to stop when your body tells you to.


It is okay to cycle in moderation but remember that as your pregnancy progresses, your sense of balance gets a bit strange and you will have to take extra care to ensure that you don't fall off! If using exercising bikes, remember not to use a challenging pace but use a program that has a relatively slower pace. Your body is your best instructor. So stop when you feel uncomfortable.


As long as you don't make any jerky movements or lose your balance or even tire yourself to exhaustion, dancing can be a very enjoyable form of exercise.


If you were diving before you became pregnant, you can continue diving from a height of 3 ft or less. Any higher than this can be dangerous.


Absolutely safe but it may become a problem due to backache caused by waiting for long periods of time.

Horse Riding

Because of the risk of losing balance and toppling over could result in injuries, horse riding should only be continued in pregnancy only if you are a professional or an expert in horse riding. A dangerous sport to indulge in pregnancy, if extreme care is not taken.


If you have never jogged before, it may not be a good idea to start jogging now in pregnancy with ambitious targets. Take things at a slow pace and see if you can benefit from fast walking instead. Previous joggers may need to alter their program now that they are pregnant. As always, watch out for any signs of exhaustion.


Pilates is now recognised as one of the best exercise programmes for the pregnant body as well.


You can continue to indulge in it if you were an expert rower before you became pregnant, taking extra care of your back. Pregnancy is not the time for beginners to learn rowing as rowing and rowing machines can be extremely harmful to the lower back in pregnancy, if not used correctly.


Running demands the same care as a jogging routine in pregnancy. Fast walking could be a better alternative here as well.


Continue if you were a skating expert before you became pregnant although you may need to take extra care due to your disturbed sense of balance causing you to have more falls. Not an ideal sport to start in pregnancy.


This sport can put stress on the joints, cause jerky and sudden movements and increase the risk of losing balance, especially in the last three months. Do some gentle practice instead.


Stretching is highly recommended in pregnancy. It is non-strenuous, extremely beneficial for relaxation and body toning. However, extra care needs to be taken not to overstretch the muscles in later pregnancy. Most antenatal classes teach you good stretching techniques. If you haven't joined a class, most pregnancy books have some exercises that you can carry out safely at home.


Swimming can be very relaxing in pregnancy because of the feeling of weightlessness as the water supports your weight. Some places have aquatic classes designed specially for pregnant women. Ask your club for details.


Classified as a highly jerky and active sport associated with inevitable falls and injuries because of your sensitive sense of balance in pregnancy. Be very careful while playing, if you must. You may need to alter your program to suit your current condition.


Extremely good and gentle form of exercise especially in late pregnancy when your weight prevents you from doing many other forms of exercise.

Weight Training

In general, this sport is associated with back injuries. Therefore, it becomes all the more dangerous in pregnancy where back pain is such a common ailment. However, if you must, use weights sensibly and under the guidance of a professional.


Yoga is great for relaxation, suppleness, breathing control and developing concentration. You can either join yoga classes in pregnancy or pick gentle yoga exercises from yoga books.

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