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Nine Months : Feeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Equipment

* 3-4 nursing bras

* Plenty of breast pads

* Nipple cream

* Nipple shields(optional)

If you're planning to go back to work and still want your baby to have your milk, you'll also need:

* 2-4 feeding bottles with teats and caps

* Breast pump (electric or manual)

* Sterilising equipment

* Bottle warmer(optional)

* Nursing pillow(optional)

* A bottle and teat brush

* A pack of 4-6 bibs (suitable from birth)

* Breastmilk storage bags and breastmilk storage bottles

Bottlefeeding Equipment

* 6 bottles with teats and caps

* Sterilising equipment

* Bottle warmer(optional)

* A bottle and teat brush

* A pack of 4-6 bibs(suitable from birth)

* Baby milk - 1 pack (You will need more but it is best to see how your baby takes to a particular brand)

* Nursing pillow (optional)

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