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Preconception - Baby planning: Affording a baby

Deciding to have a baby is one of the most momentous decisions of your life. Don't RUSH into it. Take your time...What may seem right today might not be the best when you wake up tomorrow!

Pregnancy Planning

Planning a baby can be an extremely fun task. It is one time of your life when you are looking forward to a welcome addition to your family and the reality of having a baby has still not sunk in. Becoming a parent is one of the most joyous moment in anyone’s life but being well prepared for it both economically and emotionally is even more important.

Pregnancy can be a very challenging phase of life and knowing that you are well prepared for the challenges ahead can add the extra joy. A stable family can raise a stable and healthy child and it is every child’s right to be given the best possible start by its parents. From preconception through to giving birth and even postnatal - your little one is totally dependent on you for all its needs. Stability in a relationship can go a long way in securing your child’s future.

It is best to decide about starting or expanding a family when you and your partner are emotionally and financially able to do so. A child needs love, care and a secure family to grow up in and there is not much point in having a baby when you and your partner are having problems with your own relationship.

A tiny being with even smaller hands and feet, your baby will have many needs and you must consider the financial implications carefully before going forward. When you both feel you are ready, of course its the right time to go ahead and start trying. Having a baby at the right time can be the most rewarding experience of your lifetime.

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