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Baby planning: Failure to Conceive

Disclaimer: We recommend that you consult a doctor if you are unable to conceive. The following list of reasons is just a guide of what could possibly be wrong. It may or not be the underlying cause for your failure to conceive.


The release of the egg from the ovary is called Ovulation and usually occurs around the middle of the female monthly cycle. Successful conception occurs around the time of ovulation and ovulation is determined on the basis of your menstrual cycle. If you have irregular or infrequent periods, you could be having irregular or no ovulation, hence preventing you from conceiving.


The Fallopian tube is a tube that connects the ovary and the uterus. This is the place where fertilisation takes place between egg and the sperm, if you have intercourse around the time of ovulation.

The Fallopian tubes are the meeting place for the sperm and the egg where fertilisation between the two occurs. If your fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked, your chances of conception are greatly reduced. Damaged fallopian tubes could be the result of recurrent or severe pelvic or abdominal infections or even an ectopic pregnancy (any pregnancy that takes place outside the womb especially in the Fallopian tubes)


All may be fine with you but if your partner is producing too little sperm i.e. has a low sperm count or if the quality of his sperm is poor, your chances of conception could be affected.


over 35 years of age and are trying without success for a baby, your age could be the hindering factor in that case. If you are over 35, your fertility may have declined.


With so many other factors being magnified, one tends to overlook stress as a major cause of infertility. Stress has become such an inseparable part of our lives that we now consider it as part of our daily schedule. If you and your partner lead stressful lives, you could be delaying your conception process by going off sex altogether; not making love at the right time; having irregular periods.

a sound piece of advice: Take some time off and go to some nice romantic spot to make a baby. It might be the right magical solution for you!

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