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Baby planning: Is there any hope?

Hope keeps us all alive so YES, there is hope! It may be just a simple solution or it may be a string of tests and complicated procedures but one should not give up. Contrary to what affected couples feel, depending on what is preventing you from conceiving, you can be treated successfully in most cases:

planningFertility drugs:
If hormonal problems are preventing you from ovulating, fertility drugs may be used for your treatment. It is interesting to note that your chances of having twins increases by taking such drugs.

Surgery may be carried out to unblock your fallopian tubes as this may be preventing the fertilisation of the sperm and the egg.

planningTreatment for low sperm count:
Your partner may need to undergo some treatment if he has a low sperm count. Simple treatment for a low sperm count includes wearing looser underwear, avoiding tight fitting clothes (around the crotch area), reducing the intake of alcohol and cigarettes.

planningAssisted Conception:
If there is no treatment available for your condition, you may be offered assisted conception

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