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Baby planning: Gender Selection

gender selection

OK lets go back to the basics. A baby is conceived when the sperm (produced by the father) fertilises the egg (produced by the mother). The egg carries X chromosome while the sperm can carry X or Y chromosome. If X-carrying sperm fertilises the egg, a baby girl will be conceived and if a Y-carrying sperm fertilises the egg, a baby boy will be conceived. Simple?

Well, apparently it is not the case it seems. In the world of everchanging and groundbreaking technology, we like to (or rather take for granted) have control over our lives and what happens to us. It is no surprise then that we also like to influence what gender of offsprings we produce. Something as simple as having a beautiful baby is now a calculated process. There are different views on this - some groups believe you can achieve this naturally while some argue that the only sure shot way of achieving this is through medical intervention. Whatever your viewpoint, do remember that this is a personal preference and a medical and ethical question that has always been under discussion in one form or the other.

There is a popular but unfounded theory that you can try to influence the sex of your baby by creating situations that favour the X-carrying sperm over the Y-carrying sperm or vice versa. It has been found that X and Y sperm behave differently. Y (male) sperm swim faster, but are smaller and do not live as long as the larger, slower but more long-lasting X (female) sperm.

Not all doctors offer gender selection by choice - it is offered when a carrier of a certain disorder is known to occur in one particular gender.

I have also heard that Chinese calendars can accurately predict the gender of a baby-to-be but for those of you who are looking for gender selection, it might be too late...

To produce a girl, make love frequently up to a few days before ovulation . For a boy make love on or just after ovulation but not too often!

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