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Baby planning: Taking Medication

Your baby's early development (even before you realise you are pregnant) is crucial for your baby's well being and further healthy development.

If you are taking any medication, it may actually be harmful to your baby or may even interfere with the process of fertilisation without you knowing about it. Please note, however, that some medicines need to be continued even during pregnancy as the benefits outweigh the risks.


To prevent this from happening:

medication in pregnancy If you are taking medicines because of an illness, discuss it with your doctor that you are trying for a baby. Your medication may need to be adjusted.

medication in pregnancy Don't buy medicines blindly over-the-counter. Even if you have to, discuss it with the pharmacist first.

medicationin pregnancy You don't really need any supplements (other than folic acid) if you are healthy and fit, so resist the temptation to buy them, unless advised by the doctor

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