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Baby planning: Your partner's preparation


Having a baby will change your partner's lifestyle as well so he must be mentally prepared for this but most often, as all pre-pregnancy care and planning is centered around the woman, the partners are usually caught unaware!

Of course, he is special - he's the one who got you in this state in the first place!

The following guidelines will help prepare him in the best possible way:

Pregnancy Planning He must be prepared emotionally for the nine months of pregnancy ahead as you have your bouts of nausea, mood swings, loss of interest in sex etc.

Baby Planning It is best to decide about starting or expanding a family when you and your partner are emotionally and financially able to do so. A child needs love, care and a secure family to grow up in and there is not much point in having a baby when you and your partner are having problems with your own relationship.

 Preconception Your partner can try and keep stress out of his and your life, if possible. Stress can put you off sex and hence, delay conception.

Pregnancy If his work brings him in contact with any risk, he must try and minimise the exposure for the time when you are trying for a baby.

Failure to conceive If he has a fertility problem, he must approach a specialist. Being quiet and shy about it will do you both no good.

Factors affecting fertility Smoking can delay conception and can also harm your baby in the womb. If your partner smokes, he should try and break the habit as soon as possible. In fact, he can act as a source of encouragement for you as well and help prevent you from smoking.

factors affecting fertility Alcohol and street drugs can inhibit fertility. If your partner consumes either of them, he must cut back on his habit at least for a few months before you conceive.

planning pregnancy He can encourage you to exercise and eat a good diet as being fit plays a role in a healthy conception.

genetic problems He must be open and discuss any genetic problems he knows of in his family as they could be inherited by your baby (although your partner may not suffer from them himself).

Conception He must have a positive approach to the entire process of conception and bear with you when you insist on making love on THOSE days!!

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