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CAESAREAN BELT KIT : to protect, support and soothe after a Caesarean

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Like all new mums you can't wait to cuddle your new baby, but if you've had a caesarean you'll feel protective of your scar and anxious of knocks and rubbing.

This new Caesarean belt, from TheralineT, the makers of the best-selling maternity and nursing pillows, provides soothing relief and gives you all the comfort and support you need - physically and mentally - for a speedy recovery, plus the confidence to enjoy the same important bonding as other mums.

Its clever design goes on to soothe tummy aches, menstrual pain and backache for you and all your family. The belt is made in a soft stretchy fabric with adjustable back elastic that gives extra comfort even when bending. Wear it over, or under your clothes.

It allows mothers to quickly resume normal daily activities with more confidence.


Content Description

The Caesarean belt kit comes with the following inserts: Lightweight protective shield, Polyfibre pillow, Cherry stone pillow and Cool pack

Caesarean belt: made of stretchy fabric, the belt provides practical soft support and has a pocket to hold the additional inserts. Depending on your need, you can place different inserts into the belt, which then "fit" exactly where they are needed. It is made of sturdy but flexible jersey fabric. In addition, two elastic pieces are sewn in to create high wearing comfort e.g. while bending. The tight fit provides a slight supporting effect to the overstretched abdominal wall.

After Caesarean section, the approx 16 X 10 cm protective shell made of feather-light plastic effectively protects the sensitive scar against impact from the baby, boisterous brothers and sisters, unintentional knocks, rubbing underwear, burdensome trouser waistbands, seat belts and much more.

A big psychological relief after the Caesarean section, which provides more closeness during breastfeeding and lets you get on with everyday life in a more relaxed way.

polyfibre Pillow: The pillow can be combined with all other inserts. Together with the protective shell it offers the best possible protection against kicks and knocks e.g. after a Caesarean - with higher wearing comfort at the same time. In connection with Cherry stone or Gel pillows, it eases or prolongs their warming or cooling effects with its insulating properties.

Cherry Stone Pillow : Warmed in the microwave, it soothes aches, eases uterus contractions, period pain, back and tummy aches.

Cool Pack : Chill in the freezer for for soothing your pain, swelling or your itching scar.

The belt is machine washable at 60C

Fits 28"- 44" waist


Protects the scar from:

- baby kicking

- playful children

-accidental bumps

- rubbing undergarments

Comforting & soothing:

- soft support for abdominal wall

- warm pillow for relaxation

- cool pack for pain and swelling

Provides reassurance:

- feeling of protection

- enables bonding through protected feeding, cuddling and carrying

Years of comfort for:

- menstrual pain

- stomach ache

- back problems


Ben Spencer,  Devon

Fast Prompt Service. Product Ideal for Busy Mothers Post C Section.


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Caesarean Belt Inserts

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