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CINCH TUMMY WRAP - #1 Care essential for new moms!

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The Signature Cinch Tummy Wrap, is ideal for:

* New postpartum moms

* Natural/C-section

* Post surgery support

* Cold/warm compress pouch

*SUPPORT, Enhance, Tone

The Cinch Couture Tummy Wrap is ideal for:

* Moms 3+ months and up

* Natural/C-section

* Post surgery support


* Sleeker version of signature cinch

* Support, ENHANCE, TONE

Cinch Awards

Cinch Awards


* The Signature Cinch Tummy Wrap, a patent pending tailored post-partum binder, is specially crafted to motivate and help new mums regain a healthy shape by slimming and smoothing the waistline after childbirth that works in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. The only adjustable wrap on the market, the Cinch focuses on the stomach with its function and added support of the double panels. With the inner measuring feature, new mums are uplifted by seeing their progress and results. The sophisticated design of the Signature Cinch offers new mums a luxurious feel and new confidence. This concept of blending beauty of the arts with scientific functions heighten Cinch's originality: Support - Enhance – Tone

The Cinch Couture Tummy Wrap is a new trend for new mum's everywhere. It is a luxurious post-partum pregnancy band designed to support your body after baby and shrinks with you as you lose inches. Cinch was designed to help you re-contour your new body so you can tone and sculpt it with ease. Cinch is more than a pregnancy band; it's a method of recovery and ongoing maintenance for a healthy figure. Using it alongside with proper health habits maximizes the long-term effects. Cinch Couture is designed to work anytime you need daily shapewear. The Lingerie inspired wrap is uniquely constructed to provide firm support that stays in place throughout your busy day.

Common Features:

* Cinch is made of the finest elastic material with anion technology breathable fabric allowing you to move freely.

* Cinch won't bunch, roll, or bind when worn properly.

* Delivers 360 degrees of constant, even compression that will squeeze out air and help retract and tighten your muscles and skin

* Easy to put on with adjustable, dual ended opening. It zips up like a garment so you can easily put it on yourself.

* It shrinks with you so you don't have to buy another wrap as you lose inches.

* Includes hip shaper features.

* The built in measurement feature acts as a motivational guide allowing you to see your progress.

* Multifunctional and multi-tasking like you. You can adjust it to where you want the focus.

* Includes a pocket for soothing cold or warm compresses (this feature is only available in .

* It allows you to wear it for a longer period without the elastic stretching out of shape after just a few weeks like other bands.

Cinch size

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How does it work?

The Cinch Tummy Wrap is the world’s only fully adjustable wrap that can be used to Cinch your core and hip. You wear The Cinch Signature/Couture during the day to support-enhance-tone your mid-section. At night, simply re-adjust The Cinch by lowering it to your hip and lower abdomen area to compress and cinch your hips. For even better results, you can use The Cinch Cold/Warm Compression Insert into your Cinch Signature pouch to sooth your uterus as needed.

What is the science behind it?

Many research studies have shown that hormones such as Relaxin and Progesterone are produced during pregnancy to loosen and relax connective tissue and joints. By looking at a woman’s pelvic anatomy, the hip bones are attached to many ligaments that have been loosened and stretched by these hormones during pregnancy and delivery. These hormones still linger in your system after delivery, and bones are still loosened and stretched out. This is the window of opportunity for a new mum to get back to her pre-pregnancy profile. During these crucial first postpartum weeks, approximately 1-8 weeks, the pelvic bones and ligaments are very malleable. Working with your natural hormones and recovery process, you can potentially re-contour the hip and lower abdomen area by applying gentle and continuous compression.

How many hours a day do I need to wear The Cinch?

As long as you are comfortable, you can wear it all day and even during the nights with rests in between. For new mums with The Signature Cinch, you can also insert cold/warm compress if you need soothing. Always read the instructions and consult with your doctor before using.

How many weeks or months do I wear The Cinch for?

It depends on each individual. Generally, you need to wear it for at least the first 4-8 weeks. As a rule of thumb, once you are happy with your waistline, wear The Cinch for another 3 weeks after to stabilize and retain your results. The Cinch Tummy Wrap helps you support-enhance-tone your core while you recover.

Does The Cinch roll up occasionally?

The Cinch does not roll up normally unless you over tighten the elastic wings without first adjusting the front panel measurement guide to your shrinking waistline.

How do I take care of my Cinch?

Hand wash with cold/warm water with mild detergent and hang dry only. Always read the care label.

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before using The Cinch Tummy Wrap. Do not wear if you are experiencing any pain. Results vary. Do not use during pregnancy. This information is not intended to give medical advice.

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