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HOSPITAL BIRTH PREPARATION CD : Be relaxed, informed, positive and prepared...

  • Hospital Birth Preparation CD

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The Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation CD will enhance your pregnancy and birth experience, by helping you to develop and use your natural skills and inner resources.

The CD uses a combination deep relaxation and guided visualization to help you overcome fears, create a state of calm and relaxation, maintain your health, increase bonding with your baby and maximize your bodies potential to give birth naturally.

This CD is also part of the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme which won the "Pregnancy Product of the Year"

Parenting AwardParenting Editor's Award


Benefits of listening to the Birth Preparation (Hospital) CD

* Reduce fear of giving birth

* Increase your ability to manage pain

* Develop a deep trust of your bodies ability to give birth naturally

* Feel calm, relaxed and prepared for the birth

* Increase your sense of being in control

* Increase your chance of having a drug free labour

* Reduce the chances of having post natal depression

When to listen to the CD?

From 32 weeks 2-3 times per week, from 37 weeks daily

How the Birth Preparation (Hospital) CD works

Join the increasing number of women who listen to this safe and easy to use CD to prepare emotionally, physically and mentally for childbirth. By listening to the CD during pregnancy, you are effectively rehearsing the way you will act both physically as well as emotionally during the birthing process. The CD is divided into 3 tracks. The first gives information on how best to use the CD. The second is a 10 minute relaxation, followed by a 25 min birth visualisation. The 35 minute audio CD takes you through a deep relaxation and breathing exercises followed by a detailed guided visualisation of the birth, from the first contraction through to holding your baby in your arms.

Remember, pain in labour is predominantly the result of tension in your body, and tension is the result of fear. By rehearsing an instinctive natural birth over and over again in your mind, any fear of the birth becomes less and less as your mind and body become familiar with the instinctive process of birthing. So once you have taken away the fear, your body will be far more relaxed, so by removing the tension, you will naturally reduce the pain.

The CD teaches you deep relaxation and breathing exercises as well as powerful pain management strategies which enable you to be calm, in control and to manage the level of pain during the birth.

It gives you the opportunity to "experience" a wonderful, calm birth in your mind, from the first contraction through to holding your baby in your arms. Once you have listened to the CD many times (we recommend you listen to it at least 20 times), your mind and body become more and more comfortable with the concept of a calm birth. As the mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality, once labour actually starts your mind simply responds in the way it has rehearsed over and over again.

The suggestions on the CD put in place specific triggers so that all the way through the birthing process, you remain calm, relaxed and feeling in control. The CD contains specific suggestions based on birthing in the hospital environment. These include using the sights, smells and sounds of the hospital in a positive way to maximize your sense of calm, relaxation and being in control eg "everytime a new face walks in, it is a sign for me to feel when more confident in my body", " the sounds and smells of the hospital encourage me to feel even more relaxed and centered"

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Case study- Ann McNeeney 1st time mother

Listened to birth preparation CD

My midwife was amazed how calm I was without pain relief. One of the doctors was sure I had an epidural based on my calm demeanour.

Case study- Nikki Harris 1st time mother

Born Whittingdon Hospital, London on 9th January, 2005

Listened to birth preparation CD 20+ times

"When I first went to do a tour of the labour ward I felt very negative about it. But after listening to the CD I felt more positive. I had to have an ECV done and felt calm when I was in the ward. My contractions started a 5 am. I had a bath and listened to the CD again. We went into hospital around 10.30 am. The midwife examined me and I was 9 cm dilated! I had wanted a water birth but the midwife said it wouldn’t be full in time. The second stage only lasted 20 minutes, and 4 pushes and he was out! Luke was born at 12.40. Throughout the experience the midwife kept commenting on how calm and relaxed I was. She said I could came again and she wished all women were so relaxed. The CD definitely helped me 100% to have a better attitude towards the hospital and to feel relaxed, confident and in control during the birth. Thank you so much for helping me to have a positive birth experience"

Case study- Osen Atternik 2nd time time mother

Gave birth at St Peters Hospital on 19 May, 2005

Listened to the Birth preparation CD 20+ times

"I had the best birth experience. I was the one who kept control and made decisions during the birth I was able to use the breathing techniques during the birth when I needed it the most. Everything developed so quickly and I was so calm. Again the CDs help immensely during the pregnancy in terms of getting proper sleep and loosing anxiety that I had. I wish everyone a same experience"

Case study- Lynn Kydd 2nd time mother

West Suffolk on 8th October 2004

Listened to birth preparation CD 16 - 20 times

"At 38 weeks I was diagnosed with Choloystasis and had to be induced. I was extremely calm throughout the induction and went for a walk - had some pain but did not really dwell on it. My husband did not think anything was happening so went to have dinner in the canteen. When he came back my waters had already broken and I was sitting on the edge of the bed ready to go to the delivery suite. It was very quick. While I was waiting for the birthing pool I dealt with the pain by concentrating on my breathing and by visualising nice places. After being in the pool I was soon fully dilated and my son was soon born. I only had 2 puffs of gas and air as I did not really want it. I cant say it did not hurt, but I managed my pain. I found this birth much easier than my first birth and my son is extremely happy and peaceful - he rarely cries and is a delight!"

Maggie Howell is one of the UKs leading campaigners to help fight the culture of fear surrounding birth.

The founder of Natal HypnotherapyT, Maggie's work has helped over 30,000 women to have a better birth.

Maggie Howell

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