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QueaseEASE - Drug Free and All Natural!

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QueaseEASE has been used successfully by many Mums-to-be for soothing the nausea associated with MORNING SICKNESS. The aromatic blend of essential oils is perfectly safe for pregnant women and can provide immediate relief. Keep it with you all day and use it as soon as those uncomfortable feelings occur. Wherever you are - Relief is just a breath away!

Can be kept in your purse or handbag for instant relief at all times


* Created by a medical professional: QueaseEASE was developed for use in hospitals to treat post-operative nausea and is also highly effective for the relief of motion, air and sea sickness.

* Pure and Natural: QueaseEASE contains 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade essential oils formulated to relieve the queasiness associated with motion sickness as well as post-operative recovery, chemotherapy and morning sickness. (spearmint, peppermint, ginger and lavender)

* Works by simply breathing the aroma: The molecules from the oils travel the olfactory track to the central nervous system where they interrupt the nausea cycle. Inhalation can be repeated as often as necessary.

* Safety: QueaseEASE is immediately effective and safe for all ages. There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction since the aroma is inhaled rather than applied to the skin or ingested as a liquid. QueaseEASE does not cause drowsiness, pose any risk of operating machinery and does not react with alcohol or medications someone may be taking.

*Proven effective: QueaseEASE has been proven to treat nausea. In a hospital study at Miles Memorial Hospital in Maine, 67% of patients required no further anti-nausea treatment when QueaseEASE was used. A motion sickness study in Hawaii found that 83% of all users believed it worked for their condition! A survey of pregnant women found the majority received relief when using QueaseEASE - including one who stated that while she still experienced bouts of sickness on occasion- QueaseEASE "made me feel better about the experience. I won't leave the house without."

* Cost: QueaseEASE is far less expensive per dose than other anti-nausea products on the market.

* Use: QueaseEASE should be used at the first sign of nausea discomfort. A few deep breaths of the aromatic blend is generally all that's required to provide relief. There is no risk with continued use.

* Product life: QueaseEASE has an indefinite shelf life when the safety seal is unbroken and will last for up to six months after the container has been opened when the cap is replaced after use.

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